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How to post a new event?

To post your event, register with us and verify your login details. Log in to your account and select “create event” link from the top menu. Then furnish your event details and click “submit”. You are ready to go.

If you would like to get more information, feel free to contact support at –

Why all necessary fields are mandatory to post event?

Our visitors and subscribers would like to get more information about your event. More information such as event theme, summary, venue & schedule etc. will only help your prospective visitors to find you easily. Hence it is a win-win condition for all.

Is it free to add my event?

Yes, it’s absolutely free to all. You can add more than 1000 events a year.

What is normal approval time?

Normally your event listings get approved within 24 working hours. Sometimes we approve all events within an hour too. :)

I would like to modify my event details, how do I do it?

Login to your account, search the event, click edit and modify it. You’ll get a verification email to your registered email id. Just click the verification link to verify the changes.

How to promote my event?

We get thousands of daily unique visitors and hence we are providing our platform to promote your event worldwide. Just click on “promotion” link from your admin panel to promote your event. Or just click the promotion link in footer and put your event id. Choose a plan and promote it.

Our traffic source: Google Search, Referral, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin and other social platforms.

eMail Subscription Privacy Policy:

What do you do with my personal data?

We don’t share your email ID or any other personal data with any 3rd party for marketing purposes. We hate spam as much as you do.

Will I receive frequent emails?

No, we’ll send you event updates of your choice. You’ve the option to choose the frequency of mail reception.

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